Customer Reviews

I got the spring collection from Red Delicious Seattle. That time, I was just starting a new job that I like. So every time I see this collection, it reminds me of those days when I chose to be brave rather than caving into my fears.
Lollita Hudson
My friend was depressed, so I decided to buy her a gift that will cheer her up. I bought her the hope necklace from Red Delicious Seattle. It’s so thoughtful of them to insert an inspiring letter within the package that will forever transform the life of my friend. I’m so happy to see her wearing the necklace every day.
Erin Johnson
Fashion Blogger
I must say that Red Delicious Seattle knows their craft. If you are looking for unique pieces, this store is the ultimate place. They have great customer service who won’t just treat you as someone “who buys the product” but will treat you as a friend.
Emma Williams
Fashion Student
They are just wonderful. I’ve been a customer for years, and there has not a single time when I’m not happy with my purchase. Thank you Red Delicious Seattle for these amazing years.
Mike Nicholas
My mother loves the Beauty of Life collection. Thank you Red Delicious Seattle for the smooth transaction.
Howard Duke
Fashion Student